Don’t resolve project disputes – prevent them.

While our project management consultants support multiple project disputes throughout the year, our overall strategy is to help you create a solution to avoid them.

By implementing proper schedule development, contract preparation, and change management, we can help you avoid long and expensive project claims. At the very least, our clients are much better prepared when a claim arises.

An investment in proper project setup can save time, money and relationships, instead of fighting for what is due after post project completion. As an independent third-party project management consulting firm, we impart a level-headed approach to the inevitable project change management.

Additional Project Consulting Services Offerings:

Project PMO – Formal project team management of clientele projects, project performance, reporting, scheduling, overseeing subcontractors and compliance.

Project PCMO – Managing and executing various projects for our clients overseeing subcontractors and compliance.

Project Schedule Validation – Evaluating a company’s schedule preparation approach and making suggestions on how to improve the process.

Intensive Planning Session – Initial planning or the recovery planning process for a major project.

Schedule Modification Assistance – Assisting our clients to make their schedule work correctly and pass the approval process with end-client integration.

Change Management – Assisting our clients with the change process on a project or assuming total responsibility for the process.

Monthly Delay Analysis – Assisting our clients with preparing a monthly delay analysis on their major projects.

Project Controls Bundle – Taking over all Project Controls activities for a client on specific projects or groups of them.

Claims Assistance – Assisting our clients with claims preparation on an ongoing project or on a completed project in dispute.

Risk Management – Assisting our clients with the identification and mitigation of project risks.

Contract Assessment – Helping our clients identify and clarify contract clauses that present the greatest risks during project execution.

Estimate Validation – Assisting our clients in the review of contractor/subcontractor estimates to ensure that the estimate is reasonable, reflects the project scope requirements, and is coordinated with the project master schedule.