7 Signs Your Company Culture is Hurting Your Organization


“Company culture” sounds like just another business buzzword—but the culture of a company affects everything that organization does, from its productivity to how often it must replace key staff members.

Here are seven signs your company’s current culture is doing more harm than good:

  1. Morale is low. Staff seem bored. No one has any new ideas. People find any excuse to be late to work—or not show up at all. When you add a new person to the team, hoping they’ll inject some enthusiasm, the opposite occurs; they get dragged down instead of lifting others up.
  2. Turnover is high. The most senior person on every team can measure their tenure in the single digits. Every time you turn around, it seems as if you’re accepting someone else’s two weeks’ notice and continually hiring.
  3. Productivity suffers. No matter what goals are set, it seems your teams simply cannot reach them. All the pep talks, community events or fidget toys in the breakroom seem to do nothing to improve productivity.
  4. Nobody seems to know what they’re doing there. If you stopped the next person who walked by your office and asked them to describe the company’s vision and mission, what would they say? How enthusiastic would they sound? When company culture is strong, people know why they’re at work and they love contributing. When it’s not, your staff may view the job as nothing more than a way to kill time for a paycheck.
  5. Gossip and rumors substitute for information. A lack of clear, open and consistent communication leads to a culture where staff have to guess what’s going on based on whatever clues they can find. The result is often as garbled as the message in a children’s game of Telephone. Leadership may spend as much time dispelling rumors as they do explaining the truth.
  6. Nobody tries new things—or even suggests them. A culture that nixes ideas, deprives staff of support and punishes mistakes or failures may be trying to keep people on the “straight and narrow.” More often, however, it results in staff who could innovate, but don’t dare take the risk.
  7. Conflicts are constant. Interpersonal conflict is inevitable in any situation involving multiple people. When managers find themselves putting out fires daily, chances are good the culture breeds conflict instead of cooperation.

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