The Importance of Onboarding for Employee Success


Adequate onboarding and training is one of the most important benefits you can offer new staff. With direct hire placements and permanent placements, you’re hoping a new hire will stick with your company. You can help ensure job success and career longevity, while avoiding costly employee turnover, by providing the tools your workers need to be the best they can be. But that’s not all.

Your business can benefit from thorough staff training in the following ways:

  1. This is absolutely imperative, especially if you’re hiring workers who will be operating potentially hazardous materials or equipment. You can help ensure the safety of your workers through proper training on how to operate machines or handle dangerous materials.
  2. Skills development. Helping your workers develop multiple skills will allow them to take on additional responsibilities. You’ll get work done more efficiently, while your staff can learn and grow in their careers, adding to job satisfaction.
  3. Productivity and quality. When your workers understand how to properly complete all tasks and processes, it allows them to work to the best of their ability. This will help you maintain a high level of employee productivity, with associated high-quality products and services.
  4. Employee morale. Do your workers whistle while they work? If they’ve been properly trained, they’ll be able to sail through tasks and responsibilities with ease and confidence—adding to the feeling of a job well done.

Your workers need the right tools and resources to do their very best—and in turn, your business will benefit.

The #1 Action to Take (for Hiring Success)

One of the best ways you can set your company and the new hire up for success is by hiring the right person – the first time. By finding a candidate that not only has the experience, skills, and training, but also the passion and determination to thrive in the role will benefit your company. An employee that is a good fit from the very beginning and is properly onboarded will help to keep them as an employee.

FootBridge Project Controls Can Help

FootBridge Project Controls doesn’t just meet your recruiting and staffing needs – we are also your dedicated Project Controls partner. We offer specialized Project Controls recruiting solutions and consulting services. As an experienced and seasoned staffing agency our consultants work with you to setup proper projects that will save you time and money. Our recruiting specialists work with you to source, vet and hire temporary and permanent project controls employees.

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